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Hi LexurCraft players!

We're excited to announce that Lexurcraft’s Skyblock has been upgraded to version 2.0! With this update, we are introducing several new features that will take your skyblock experience to the next level!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Lexurcraft’s SkyBlock 2.0!
Join us today and start building your empire in the sky!

If there still is something you would like to be changed we invite you to our discord or this blog message to leave feedback! 





From today on we are going to host continues GiveAways in our discord aswell as one off giveaways here and there starting today. We are currently hosting one Discord Nitro giveaway and two coupon code giveaways.
Make sure to enter them in our discord. Click the link below to join!





Down below we made a list of all features that Skyblock 2.0 will have. We suggest you read it to make sure you are completely up to date with the features.


     🏝️ Multiple Islands: Expand your territory and conquer new challenges with multiple islands. The more islands you have, the more resources you can gather and the stronger your team will become! 

     🐲 Bosses with Great Rewards: Get ready to battle some fierce bosses for amazing rewards, including rare items and exclusive gear! 

     ⚔️ PvP Zone with Killtokens: Show off your skills and compete against other players in our PvP zone! Earn kill tokens and trade them for powerful items that will give you an edge over your opponents! 

     💰 Mobcoins: Defeat mobs and earn mobcoins that you can use to buy valuable items and upgrades from the shop! 

     🥇 Ranks: Rise through the ranks and unlock special perks and rewards, including access to exclusive areas and items! 

     🔑 Keys: Unlock treasure chests and get your hands on some epic loot with our new key system! Collect keys by completing challenges or by purchasing them from the shop. 

     🤖 Minions that Work for You: Hire minions to work for you and gather resources while you focus on other tasks! With minions by your side, you can become the ultimate Skyblock tycoon! 

     🎉 Party Crates: Celebrate with your friends and open party crates that contain rare and valuable items! The more friends you have, the better the rewards! 

     🎁 Envoys and More: Keep an eye out for special events and envoys that will bring even more excitement and rewards to your Skyblock journey!

     Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Lexurcraft's Skyblock 2.0! Join us today and start building your empire in the sky! 🌤✨


Head over to our Store to see what prices and packages on these keys.
We hope to have updated you with this post! See you soon!


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TjeerdVerhoef & Jooster11



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