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jooster11 Owner Admin Member
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6 months ago

We are welcoming you in the new Christmas Hub. The newest update has just been released! We will give a look into the new SkyBlock server aswell.


The lobby theme has been changed to Christmas style. More pictures of the new lobby have been posted underneath.
Present hunt has been added to the lobby. Collect every present to recieve cosmetic coins as a reward!

Global updates

  • Added 1.19.3 support to every server.

  • Fixed connection issues.

  • Added new Voting leaderboards (/vlb).

  • Fixed issues with Voting.
  • Fixed a issue in the login-system for cracked players.

  • Updated core plugins.

Upcoming updates

  • Revamp of the voting system.

  • Bedrock support.


We are working hard on the new SkyBlock server. SkyBlock is almost finished and will be released before Christmas! The test-phase will begin next week. If you want to become a tester you can apply in our Discord server. The leaderboards statistics will change for SkyBlock. We are gonna work with a new points system.

With all the new update news you are ready to play LexurCraft! Log onto play.lexurcraft.com and just select your game mode and enjoy!

LexurCraft Management Team







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jooster11 Owner Admin Member
10 posts
6 topics
6 months ago

The pictures of the new Christmas lobby.

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