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SkyBlock Release - Season II
jooster11 Owner Admin Member
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5 months ago


The new SkyBlock server has been launched today! In this topic we give you a look in the new season!


The SkyBlock server has been upgraded to 1.20.2. We are supporting MineCraft version 1.8x - 1.20x on this server. A lot has been changed!


  • Added new 6 islands.

  • Complete new spawn area.

  • Egghunt! Find all the eggs to recieve a OP-reward.

  • New harvester tools, now with upgrades and different multipliers.
  • Added more special items, void chests and sellwands. (More special items will be added in the V2 update).

  • Revamped global shop.
  • Revamped crates (/warp crates).

  • Revamped Spawners (now stackable).

  • Revamped ChatGames.
  • Added a AFK-pool (/warp afk). Collect rewards while being AFK in the AFK-pool.

  • Added a new PvP Area (/warp pvp).

  • Added a interactive help NPC (check the spawn-zone).

    We are still adding new features to the server. If you have any suggestion please create a post at our suggestions forum!


Global updates

  • Added 1.19.4 support to every server.

  • Added Bedrock support global.

  • Updated core plugins.

Upcoming updates

  • Implementation of the new voting system.

  • Events - More information will follow soon!


With all the new update news you are ready to play LexurCraft! Log onto play.lexurcraft.com and just select your game mode and enjoy!

LexurCraft Management Team


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