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LexurCraft - KitPvP Release 2022

December 23st


Hi LexurCraft players! 


It's time to add our newest gamemode, KitPvP! KitPvP will be open to the public from December 23st onward. it will include a brand new map, Fresh kits, Duels, Level systems including reward crates and 4 hectic outposts hosting events throughout the day rewarding you with outpost keys. 


Can you make the most kills and reach the top of the leaderboards? Hop online and get your kit ready! 


Good fighting!

if there still is something you would like to be changed we invite you to our discord or this blog message to leave feedback!







From today on we are going to host continuous GiveAways in our discord aswell as one-off giveaways here and there starting today. We are currently hosting one Discord Nitro giveaway and two coupon code giveaways.
Make sure to enter them in our discord. Click the link below to join!





Down below we made a list with all the changes and updates since the past blog post. We suggest you read it to make sure you are completely up to date with the changes.


New! KitPvP Map


With the release of the new gamemode comes the release of our first KitPvP map. be ready to step into a magical world containing multiple biomes and tons of scenery. don't forget to get up on the clouds and use them for a height advantage!

The new map contains the following:


  • A new tropical spawn. here the store, crates, leaderboards and outpost schedule. 

  • The map contains 4 outposts. named: North, East, South and West. These outposts will host events but will but a good spot to hide when you need to heal. 

  • There are 2 spots in the map where Outpost keys can be used to unlock powerful loot. Be careful though because there might be people waiting for you there!

  • There are 3 tier crates hidden up in the clouds! you will be able to open those when you reach the right level.


New! KitPvP Level System


Each player will gain experience for getting kills. after gaining enough EXP you will level up. leveling up will grant you small rewards and some levels will even grant crate keys!

every level

  • In Game Money

every 5 levels

  • Tier 1 crate key

every 10 levels

  • Tier 2 crate key

every 25 levels

  • Tier 3 crate key


New! KitPvP Duels


Get ready to duel your best friends (or worst enemies). it is now possible to duel and gain loot and EXP. You will be able to invite anybody in the server to wager in a 1 v 1 with equal kits.
Simply invite with /duel [player]
Select a kit to use

Put in your wager

Time to fight!

*Duels are still in BETA getting optimized

New! KitPvP Bounty


Introducing, Bounties! Are you getting killed by the same players over and over again? get the ultimate payback! put a bounty on their heads and watch people hunt the players down.
Simply use /bounty or go to the NPC at spawn

Select the player and the amount you want to put on his head

sit back and watch people hunt your bounty down!




New! KitPvP Ranks


With the start of the new gamemode we will also be introducing 4 new ranks!





These ranks are available in our Store here you also will be able to see what each rank contains!

New! KitPvP Crate Keys


in the spawn you will be able to find 4 crates filled with tons of items. These crates can only be opened with the right keys!

Voting Crate, Key obtained by voting!

Pearl Crate, Key obtained in the store!

Master Crate, Key obtained in the store!

Elite Crate, Key obtained in the store!


Head over to our Store to see what prices and packages on these keys.

We hope to have updated you with this post! See you soon!



KitPvP Release note 3 months ago